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This exhibition aims to encourage debate on the nature and importance of local education. Ten practising designers and thinkers, help to explore key issues surrounding current attitudes towards local education.

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SINGAPORE Souvenirs is a design project that aims to enhance and reinforce the Singaporean identity through objects.

This project engages local designers to question and explores various aspects of Singapore and her residents. The designs manifested will serve as an ongoing discussion, documentary and commentary about ourselves with each object will capturing a facet of Singaporean culture. Collectively, SINGAPORE Souvenirs will paint a comprehensive and honest reflection of Singapore.

Through SINGAPORE Souvenirs we intend to enhance the visitor experience of Singapore, creating a stronger and meaningful brand for the Nation with a strategic perspective; but with a bottom up approach. This exhibition serves as an open discussion platform, where we hope will be a starting point for government agencies, local companies, international designers and critics, tourists and of course, the general public, to come together and rethink the value and essence of what the Singaporean identity should and could be.

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