SINGAPORE Souvenirs 2015 is a design exhibition that enhances and defines our National identity through objects. Keeping true to the inaugural SINGAPORE Souvenirs exhibition in 2009, the event features 5 different collections of works, which includes a Jubilee collection of ... read more

SINGAPORE Souvenirs 2015 is a design exhibition that enhances and defines our National identity through objects. Keeping true to the inaugural SINGAPORE Souvenirs exhibition in 2009, the event features 5 different collections of works, which includes a Jubilee collection of 19 new works to celebrate the 50th birthday of our Nation’s independence.

The exhibition engages locals to question and explore various facets of Singapore and her residents. Featuring more than 90 works of 16 designers, the exhibition delves into a wide spectrum of our Singapore culture and lifestyle. Through these curated collections, aspects ranging from language, nature, food and even education are explored and articulated through design objects.

The exhibited designs serve as a form of social commentary and documentation of the Singaporean psyche. With each object capturing a facet of Singapore culture, collectively SINGAPORE Souvenirs articulates a comprehensive and honest narration of our identity.

SINGAPORE Souvenirs aims to create a strong and meaningful brand for Singapore from a strategic perspective but with a bottom up design driven approach. The event serves as an open discussion platform for government agencies, local businesses, designers, tourists and Singaporeans to come together and rethink the essence of what the Singaporean identity should and could be.

SINGAPORE Souvenirs 2015 is organised and curated by triggerhappy.

Held in conjunction is SINGAPASAR, the largest design-centric ‘pasar malam’ celebrating all things Singapore. SINGAPASAR gathers the widest collection of local brands and products in the marketplace. New, yummy and creative food and drink flavours will be debuting at SINGAPASAR specially to celebrate our 50th National Day.

HDB Engagement Ringtriggerhappy, 2015Read more
Local Birds Mobiletriggerhappy, 2015Read more

Reputed as an urban garden city, Singapore is a sanctuary to a wide variety of bird species. Yet, few Singaporeans are aware of this beautiful natural aviary despite being in our own backyard.

The SG Birds Mobile consists of 6 common and colourful birds of Singapore – the White Collared Kingfisher, Black Naped Oriole, Javan Mynah, Crimson Sunbird, Common Rock Pigeon and the Eurasian Tree Sparrow. Created from a variety of stock paper to mimic the colours, shape and size of original species, this home decoration brings appreciation of our natural aviary into our domestic environment.

Singapore Clocktriggerhappy with Nick Chan, 2015Read more

Sound is one of the strongest interfaces we have with our environment. It is also one we probably take for granted. As fleeting as memories, certain sounds have the unexpected ability to transport us to another time, place or space. Perhaps all we need is to hear them where we don’t expect to.

The Singapore Clock is a living collection of 6 Singaporean sounds. Our everyday fabric heard through an alarm clock. Each sound is associated with a particular period in a day, recreating key moments of experience in Singapore.

Orchid Garland Minitriggerhappy, 2015Read more

The orchid garland is one of the most humble yet dignified gifts that represent Singapore. Foreign dignitaries, sport heroes, election candidates are often given the orchid garland as a welcome gift when they visit or return to Singapore.

The Orchid Garland Mini is crafted by plaiting soft wool felt to derive an intricate and abstracted form inspired by the textures on the orchid garland. This modern interpretation makes it a fashionably appropriate welcome gift for both foreigners and locals.

Chi Ba Bom! Lighttriggerhappy, 2015BuyRead more

It is not uncommon in Singapore to hear children mimic giant explosions by shouting the phase ‘Chi Ba Bom!’ Featuring bold pop-artesque outlines with lights thrown outwards in all directions, the Chi Ba Bom! light brings forth this childhood fantasy of a catastrophic but imaginary explosion through an ambient wall lighting piece.

Laser cut aluminum and acrylic with LED, 900W x 720H x 60D mm

Have You Eaten TablewareJohn Chan, 2015BuyRead more

Evident from the common local greeting ‘have you eaten’, food is a fundamental aspect of the Singaporean identity. The notion of food has permeated across all facets of life, even influencing the way we speak.

Literally, food items and dishes have been incorporated into colloquial expressions or idioms which form an essential part of the Singaporean vocabulary.

Through borrowing the aesthetics of the ubiquitous yet iconic tzechar plates of Singapore, Have You Eaten Tableware attempts to archive and immortalise these Singlish food idiom. Perhaps one day, an archaeologist may just uncover the rich food-driven culture and language of our society.

Set of 3, heat transfer on porcelain, 185mm diameter

Ready Alreadytriggerhappy, 2015BuyRead more

‘Ready Already’ is a pin badge that reinforces the dedication and operational readiness of the Singaporean National Service men. This iconic silhouette image is both recognised and dreaded by Singaporeans as an symbol of mobilisation by the Singapore Armed Forces, should the right code words be flashing on your television screen. This badge features a reworked ‘mobilisation man’ that reflects the 3rd generation SAF, geared with the SAR 21 (Singapore Assault Rifle), protective goggles as well as knee and elbow pads.

Laser cut stainless steel, matte finish with etching, 31W x 48H mm

Singapore BlueHans Tan, 2015Read more

The iridescent blue created by cobaltous oxide has been used prevalently on white porcelain, creating a myriad of distinctive porcelain ware styles across many cultures form Asia to the Middle East to Europe, such as the Chinese “Qing Hua Ci” and the Dutch “Delft Blue”. Each distinct blue and white style plays a significant role in articulating the tradition, technique and chronicle of each culture and period. As a young nation with resilient yet pliable identity, this work proposes Singapore’s bona fide version of the blue and white porcelain ware – resolute white porcelain that affords an impermanent and transitory iridescent blue.

Leo Cycloid TessellaHans Tan, 2015Read more

The mystical Merlion’s scales made available for everyday domestic tiling.

Stand-up CrockeryYong Jieyu, 2015Read more

The experience of food cannot be complete without its utensils. Affordable and visually homogenous, melamine plates and bowls have been a popular choice of crockery for Singapore hawkers since the 1970s. Individual hawkers will select amongst numerous colour choices a single set of colour to brand and keep track of their crockery.

It has become so embedded into our dining culture, that the colour sometimes evokes memories of olfactory sensations of a local dish commonly placed upon it. Singled out for their colour, the plates are being put together as a cake stand, forming a familiar yet strangely individualistic composition and sensation of our local food fare.

The Singapore DeckJoe Tan, 2015BuyRead more

Inspired by its history, people and culture, The Singapore Deck professional playing cards are a quirky composition of curated elements and iconic imagery.

Spades play tribute to Singapore pioneers and vanishing trades. Hearts comprises of beloved food and characters. Clubs and Diamonds tell the story of a typical male and female Singaporean’s journey to adulthood. Together the four suits paints a big picture of a diverse and unique Singapore. The use of colours, line weight and negative space lends visual consistency.

Kopitiam Tea SetSUPERMAMA, 2015Read more

The Kopitiam Tea Set is a porcelain ware created for Singaporeans. We can finally relive the moments of a freshly brewed hot beverage in the comfort of home, made out of the likes of the common Kopitiam vessels.

“Uncle! Teh-O Kosong prease!”

Singaporean Poetry MagnetLee Tze Ming, 2015Read more

A hundred word selection curated from the aggregated trends of billions of Google search queries in Singapore. These “most searched” terms reflect what has captured Singaporeans attention over the recent years, a truly poetic expression the Singapore Zeitgeist.

National Day Tote Bag (Jubilee Edition)Olivia Lee, 2015Read more

National Day Tote Bag (Jubilee Edition) is a special release of the National Day Tote Bag with patterns and motifs that recognise the significance of numerology and auspicious beliefs in Singaporean culture and history. Numbers and symbols key to Singapore’s national identity are hidden throughout the artwork.

The four official languages of Singapore are: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. “Majulah Singapura” means “Onward, Singapore” and is the title of the national anthem that is sung in the national language – Bahasa Melayu. The national anthem’s final line highlights the key aspirations for the republic: “to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for the nation.”

National Day Tote Bag (Jubilee Edition) reminds us that we carry the weight of Singapore’s history and heritage as we head towards the future.

A Cup That Holds A Festival: Cup No. 8/15SUPERMAMA, 2015Read more

“A Cup that holds a Festival” is a collection of porcelain vessels that brings prominence to the usually understated festivals that sadly “did not made it” as a public holiday in Singapore.

Cup no. 8/15 is inspired by the Mid-Autumn Festival where lanterns, candles and decorative lightings are a common sight. While children will be out along the corridor showing off their prized lanterns, the older folks usually catch up over a cup of tea and mooncakes under the full moon.

Chicken Essence CoateeYap Hock Heng, 2015Read more

Preparations for a big stake examination in Singapore schools will include the quintessential bottle of chicken essence prepared by the caring mum. The mum will wake up early in the morning to warm up the small round bottle for their child and ask them to drink the chicken essence just before taking the exam. It is believed that the essence will help the child to focus and do well for the examination.

This coatee is specially designed for the iconic round chicken essence bottle. Made of neoprene, it will help to keep the chicken essence warm up to an hour, ensuring that the mum’s care and love is prolonged till the start of the examination.